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anyone going penny tonight for open mic stuff?
went to see the killers last night...was amazing. cant believe how crowded it was.

the departure were pretty amazing too :D

cant be bothered to discuss tho sorry.

going to weymouth tomorrow if im not bed ridden. think im getting the flu.
went to see shrek 2 last night. :-D was fantastic....thanks ron.

really cheered me up. in a good mood this morning ready to face work. lets see how long it lasts heh.
feeling kinda violent right now

i kinda hate my life and everything thats going on

'you dont know how i feel...how can you? im sorry but you have no idea. youve always it pretty perfect until you messed up. you brought it all on yourself, i never asked for this' not aimed at anyone on here but going round and round my head at somebody im feeling quite hateful towards right now. fuckers.

i sound like a little kid not getting its own way, but i just feel so shit right now.

ive got to go to the doctors on wednesday afternoon as well,a nd it seems i have to take a half day at work using my holiday because of the shitty bus service, for me to get to a doctors appointment at 4:20 i have to get a bus at 1:30 anyone understand this? bloody bus service.

i dont sleep anymore. i dont eat anymore. i dont feel anything right now..

i dont know whats wrong with me

i just feel kinda violent and full of hate.

nothing much been going on

watched alien friday. scary shit.

went shopping saturday..got some black vans, demin skirt, black studdy belt.

watched aliens sat night. not as scary, but dif from one i watched before as it was directors cut

sunday, lazed around for hrs with ricky, went shopping at safeway, watched alien 3, went to see james. slept
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rather dissapointed. went to get my clit hood pierced today. due to a few supposedly rather large veins i cant get it done. i cant see them tho...*suspicous*

got my lip pierced again instead. ooo

sometimes i forget how desperately unhappy i am. im scared of myself. i dont want to die today. i try and be happy. i get these horribly scary happy moments when i feel like im going to explode and cry. i just want to call ricky and tell him how much i love him and i want to hug my brother and hug him and hug him. and then it goes away and im just as lost as before.
got a little pull in my fishnets dammit

not that its a big deal, but if you have holes in them you have holes.

i like fishnets new when you get to wear them intact that once.

i dont even get that now . grr
went to aroma the buffet place at sol central, saturday night
it was one of rickys grans birthdays so we went with his gran, aunts, uncle, cousin, brother n us. was cool. nice food.
tried lots of new things :D

sushi stuffs
and i licked a muscle.

go me

want to go again sometime. was very nice.
A shitty weekend
been very up and down
pretty much ignored alot of people in town on sat as well which i feel bad about but just not feeling very up to socialising at the moment.
at least here i can hide behind my computer

me and ricky got a new dvd at the weekend....fashionistas. kinda good. but not at the same time.
some good scenes that really stand out but other than that probably not recommended.

and a pic to leave you all with...

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